Zebmate Cinema1.8 touchscreen media player

Zebmate Cinema1.8 touchscreen media player

Zebmate cinema 18
Recently Zebronics has present a PMP (portable media player),￯﾿ツ￯ᄒᅠthe Zebmate Cinema 1.8 touchscreen media player.

Zebronics official statements ,￯﾿ツ￯ᄒᅠthe Zebmate Cinema 1.8￯﾿ツ￯ᄒᅠis light weight. Its 1.8-inch touch screen has a resolution of 160 x 128 pixels. The PMP comes in a smoked-black and sky blue coloured body. The company claims the build is sturdy.

The Zebmate 1.8 has 8GB inbuilt storage and￯﾿ツ￯ᄒᅠmicro-SD aid to extend memory. Also Zebronics allege that it has attached a powerful battery with the 12 hrs capable audio playback.

And the player also have specifications￯﾿ツ￯ᄒᅠlike audio, video, FM radio, text, image, audio recording, and an expandable memory.

The touch and select options permits users to modify the audio tracks and forward/ rewind￯﾿ツ￯ᄒᅠchoose￯﾿ツ￯ᄒᅠsongs.￯﾿ツ￯ᄒᅠThe Zebmate 1.8 sustains audio formats like WAV, WMA ￯﾿ツ￯ᄒᅠand MP3.

It come up with high-quality earphones and a USB cable.

It has a 3.5mm stereo jack and can be attached to external speakers systems. It can be connect to system through a USB 2 cable.

Other specifications like￯﾿ツ￯ᄒᅠequalizer,￯﾿ツ￯ᄒᅠan e- book reader and a photo viewer.

Price- 1,600/- rupees.



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