trai indiaTRAI has brought a new rule that is hoped to get down international call rates and provoke competition among telecom providers in India.

TRAI has allowed telephone users to utilize calling cards issued by operators other than their present operator.

For ex. Airtel subscribers can make calls to Middle East, UK or US utilizing calling cards from Reliance. This step can highly affect Vodafone subscribers who were until now been able to get ISD calls using Airtel￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒᆵ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒ﾿￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᄁ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒᆵ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᄒ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒタ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒᆵ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᄒ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒルs network alone.

The new system can bring in major foreign players like AT&T, BT and Orange. They can now be able to vend their calling cards to retail and enterprise subscribers in India.

It can be a high booster to more companies that are presently providing data services simply to big corporations.

Already TRAI has issued a path to all operators telling them to open up their access networks to allow more control to the subscribers that it reach to selecting of calling cards.

Experts advice that this new step can create way to a price war between the operators.

Tariffs have keep flat for a long period of time now. Subscribers are also hoped to receive a such dynamic offering of prices on international lines.

Also TRAI is regards different alterations in long distance calling part including procedures to enhance competition in the cable landing station segment. Most of the landing stations are presently operated by Bharti Airtel and Tata Communications.



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