Sonata First touch screen watch

Sonata First touch screen watch

Titan Industries has inaugurated  The India first touch screen watch under its Sonata brand.

touchscreen watch

The price of watch 1,499/- rupees and run with special specifications like as water resistance, multiple time display, stop watch, alarm and day date display.

Designed with materials of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)  & PU(Polyurethane) make up high durability.

Bhaskar Bhat, MD- Titan Ind. Ltd said that the watch can alter the way customers interact with watches.

This will scenario go to a latest direction in the category, the technology was former regard to be exclusive to high-end watches.

And is now within the reach of the Indian customers.

now Sonata has grow the huge vending watch brand with sales of seven million pieces a year.

Last year, Sonata inaugurated the country’s much available watch at 225/- rupees.



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