Roku app now for Android

Roku app now for Android

The app has been designed to be compatible with all Roku players and for utility with gadgets operating on Android versionᅡᅠ2.1 and higher. This software will begin working after the mobile phone or slate is switched to the home network, which supports the media player. Potential users will then require to sign in with their Roku account credentials.ᅡᅠUsers will be able to transform their smartphones or tablets into specialized remote controls for their Roku players.

The application should prove useful while browsing through new channels, launching as well as rating Roku channels and managing media playback. Apart from giving commands via instant replay or utilizing the back and options buttons, the handheld gadgets can also function as keyboards for text input, all thanks to the latest software. The application allows customers to give commands to the player by using only their Android-powered handset or tablet.

The Roku app is now available on the Android Market.ᅡᅠUse the app to explore, rate channels, and much more ᅡᅠall with the tap of a finger.



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