Polaroid Pocket Camera with 16 megapixels

Polaroid Pocket Camera with 16 megapixels

“We started with the camera frame, then we try to make these devices become more intelligent,” said Executive Vice President of Polaroid Emanuel Vorona, as quoted by PC World.
SC1630 camera called Polaroid is exhibited in the International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Advantages ‘pocket camera phones’ This is a resolution greater than the majority of camera phones available today, which is around 16 megapixels, and also comes with a 3x optical zoom. This camera can also use Wi-Fi network to send the shots to various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Polaroid has also been negotiating for the Android App Market may be installed by pre-installed on this device Polaroid hopes to use the Android 4.0 for the model to be marketed later. U.S. companies are also hoping that developers can quickly create applications that are compatible with SC1630.
The device is scheduled to be launched around April next in the Americas region, approximately at U.S. $ 299. But Vorona said it was still taking into account the technical and financial terms before launching a camera equipped mobile phone.



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