Online resources for Android applications development

Online resources for Android applications development

when user always wished to update an app, but didn’t know how to get it. There are lot of online resources which will assist you. The good part is that there are tutorials obtainable to meet users expertise; whether user are a novice or experience, these online tools can come to user help. Listed below are 5 such online resources-

Android Developer


Best area to begin is the official Android application developer site. Recently The site has been renovated & is now divided into 3 sections – Design, Develop & Distribute. To obtain insights about application development, head to the Develop tab. It uses a very structured approach, as it directs you through the step-by-step procedure of application progression. It’s seperated into sections – Android Training, Reference, API Guides and Tools. You can download the Android SDK & the Eclipse IDE, that can be done from site itself. Once you can downloaded the required tools and then begin developing the application following the steps mentioned in the Android Training tab. The API Guides address issues like utilizing the different components, animation & graphics, designing user interface, using media & camera, text input, location, connectivity, data storage, etc. Each topic is further separated into sub-sections & alongside you can also detect similar blog articles explaining the new trends as well as actual training of how to merge it in the application which  you are developing. Under the reference section, you can detect detailed explanations for every action and step, whereas the Tools section lets you download the similar and latest updates as well as sample codes, that will lend to better understanding of coding. You can also verify the Android Developers channel on YouTube, that is a good source of information right from tutorials to the recent events & happenings as well as interviews with developers.


The New Boston


when you are searching for some video tutorials, then head to The New Boston. which has about 200 videos on Android development. These videos have been originated by US-based Bucky Roberts, who is a self-taught individual, passionate about programming and web designing. And this reflects in the videos as they have a non-preachy informal approach, that creates  it fun & simply to understand. They tackle one problem at a time and explain how to resolve it. Begning  from downloading & installing the SDK to setting the application in market, it pretty much covers the ground. have more than 200,000 customers & when you visit its YouTube channel, then you can realise that the YouTube page itself has become a kind of forum. You can detect people posting the issues they are facing and others posting a answer. Other than this, the site also has a forum you can be part of & share your knowledge. Apart from Android app development, also the site is a great source for video tutorials on topics like Java for C#, C++, beginner, Java for Intermediate, Java Script, Java Game Development, PHP, etc. Also It has video tutorials for iPhone development. It’s a completely resourceful site & is free website, and the originator intends to hold it so. Apart from programming & development, which  is slowly extending into various topics like Maths, Biology, Gaming, Science, etc.





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