October 2012: release Games

October 2012: release Games

In October,  most gamers have money to spend or the time on for releasing a lot games.

Some of the good games list:

Oct – 12 releasing date
PC, PS3, Xbox 360- Platform


when you enjoyed Thief and Deus Ex, and who didn’t, you might need to hold a close eye on Dishonoured.

The game mechanics are remindful of Deus Ex with a stress  on mission goals bearing multiple solutions, where the player can select between using brute force, stealth, or a pacifist approach.

Resident Evil 6
Oct- 02 release date
PS3, Xbox 360 platform


Gamers exoect for a richer, back-to-the-roots Survival-Horror with RE 6 after the debacle which was Operation Raccoon City.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Oct- 12th release date
PC, PS3, Xbox 360 platform

The original XCOM, gamers play the role of a commander of an elite military team mission with counteract an advanced alien threat.

Marvelous turn-based tactical strategy. It has modern technology to update the traditional set isometric view with dynamic camera angles and a new Third-Person viewpoint.

Fable: The Journey
Oct-12 releasing date
Xbox 360 platform


The Journey, can have to get its A-game to hold things from moving wrong with a radically new control plans.

Forza Horizon

Oct 26th release date
PC, PS3, Xbox 360 platform


The game isn’t created by the traditional team, but by Playground Games, that has members they have worked on different quasi-simulation, arcade  and open world racing games such as  Driver, Burnout and Project Gotham Racing. Though Horizon promises to combining Forza’s brand of effective vehicle selection and realistic physics, one can’t aid but amusingly when the new development team can instead handover an arcade romp through a sprawling city.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Oct- 23rd release date
PC, PS3, Xbox 360 platform


Now containing a class-based gameplay combining Point Man, Assault, Sniper, Heavy Gunner, Demolitions and Spec Ops disciplines to spice up the formula, that make to be quite banal in its last outing.

It’s a 2 man fire team focussed combat, with a major emphasis on tighter cooperation in the heat of battle.

Assassin’s Creed III
Oct- 31st release date
PS3, Xbox 360 platform

Assassins creed 3

The open world equivalent of Call of Duty.

This time around, gamer play Connor Kenway—an opposing partner in the American Revolution.

Ubisoft has delayed the PC version till November.




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