Nokia Lumia 510 announced

Nokia Lumia 510 announced

On Tuesday at Delhi press event, Nokia officially released the Lumia 510.

Nokia Lumia 510 price

Price 11,000 rupees.

Over the past few weeks statements has notified that a￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒツ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᅠbudget Lumia smartphone￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒツ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᅠwas in the works, and that it would be first released in China.

unexpectedly, Nokia India annoyed an arithmetic issue on its official Facebook page, that notified that the brand would reveal the Lumia 510 sooner than anticipated, and that India would be one of the first to get￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒツ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᅠthe handset.

Nokia Lumia 510 specs-

Windows Phone 7.8

800MHz single core processor and features 256MB of RAM

can be updated to the Win 7.8 platform

480 x 800 pixels resolution of￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒツ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᅠa 4-inch WVGA display

4GB of internal memory

It has 7GB of cloud storage.

Rear 5 MP camera and ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒツ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᅠno front facing camera

a 1300mAh battery

Preloaded with Nokia powered apps such as Transport, Maps and Drive.

Also 3 months of unlimited access to Nokia Music, ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒツ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᅠNokia MixRadio can obtainable for consumers of this handset.

Nokia give users the option to download Camera Extras.

Camera Extras to get new chances to the Lumia line up containing panorama shots, Action Shot for capturing movement, a self-timer￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒツ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᅠand Smart Group Shot for making the perfect group shot from ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒツ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᅠa lot of different pictures;

Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport new features;

Updates such as Wi-Fi tethering and flip-to-silence.
Handsets running the Windows Phone 7.8 OS can not be capable to get updates of the Windows Phone 8.

Also the devices can permitted to download new applications from companies such as Zynga, whose Words with Friends and Draw Something can be obtainable by the 3rd quarter of this year.

The Lumia 510 ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒツ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᅠofficial price is￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒツ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᅠnot available yet.

Nokia has says that the handset can be launched ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒ﾿￯ᄒツ￯﾿ᆵ￯ᄒᄒ￯ᄒᅠin the November 1st week at a price of less than 11,000 rupees.





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