HTC Phablet

HTC Phablet

Rumours notifying that HTC would onto the phablet bandwagon, and made a a 5-inch Full HD 1080p display smartphone.

Recently a notation image of a device, dubbed HTC One X 5 had emerged. Now, a post on Twitter by a developer, Football, sheds light on all the spec of an unnoticed smartphone name the HTC DLX.

HTC One X5


@Football4PDA tweeted the HTC DLX spec;

It has an Android 4.1.2 OS, 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor with 1.5GB RAM.

5-inch Full HD display

The DLX has 16GB of internal memory, and a.

a 2500mAh non-removable battery

Interpreting on this post, Android Community statements states, “The tweet by Football confirms some of the rumors that have been circulating about this behemoth smartphone, including that it will have a 5-inch HD (1080p) display. Because of the smartphone’s sizeable screen, it has been dubbed a phablet, one of a few phones toeing the line between phone and tablet. In addition to the screen size, the tweet seems to confirm the rumors of a Snapdragon processor and Android Jelly Bean (4.1.2, to be specific)”.

Its not the 1st time we have listened of similar device being in the works. A previous statement displays a similar seeming smartphone being taken in the wild and it too hold a display which seems to be hardly 5 inches.

The Verge statements had says that this could be the HTC6435LVW, that sees on a benchmarking site previous on and the handset sported a 1.5GHz processor which outperformed a traditional Qualcomm S4 by a wide enough margin to create some wonder whether it might be established on a next-gen chip.

Also the smartphone had a 1794 x 1080 screen resolution display, that could possibly be rounded up to full 1080p when user  take the variance is HTC’s original implementation of the menu button on Android v4.0.

The statements finishes , “This information meshes well with the report from DigiTimes claiming that an industry insider says HTC plans to release a device with a full HD screen in September or October of this year. GLBenchmarks shows a device that corroborates most of the specs listed in Football’s tweet, including the Snapdragon processor. Although no official word has been given, information in the rumorsphere seems to confirm Football’s tweet.”



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