Google Nexus Tablet from ASUS

Google Nexus Tablet from ASUS
Asus Google Nexus Tablet

Rumors started spilling over the Internet that Google to partner with a current Android manufacturer who would build a Google branded ‘Nexus’ tablet. Google has recognized that they have a similar ecosystem to what Amazon has, with consumer services such as Google Play, Google Music, YouTube, Google Apps and Google Books.

Google might be planning to launch a speedy 7 inch tablet while keeping the price down under $250. The Nook Tablet runs for $249, while the Amazon Kindle Fire is $199. Apple just recently dropped the price￯﾿ツ￯ᄒᅠas well, with the iPad at $299 for a 16GB Wi-Fi, and the iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi model for $349.



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