Beats by Dr.Dre Studio review

Beats by Dr.Dre Studio review

These headphones are absolutely amazing. The bass that these headphones generate is out of this world, I never thought a pair of headphones would sound so amazing. If your looking for a pair of beats headphones, I suggest the studios because they are the best. They’re worth every penny and I guarantee you will be satisfied. You can get Beats by Dr.Dre Studio headphones online.

Words of Dr.Dre :
“People aren¬タルt hearing all the music. Artists and producers work hard in the studio, perfecting their sound. But people can¬タルt really hear it with normal headphones. Most headphones can¬タルt handle the bass, the detail, the dynamics. Bottom line: the music doesn¬タルt move you. With Beats, people are going to hear what the artists hear and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do.”


Type: Binaural, noise-canceling headphones. Frequency range: 20Hz¬タモ20kHz. Sensitivity: 115dB/V. Cable: Monster Cable Quadripole, four-twisted-pair construction. Cord: 1.3m, straight, left side.

Pros:ᅡᅠClear Sound,ᅡᅠCompact,ᅡᅠDurable,ᅡᅠEasy To Use,ᅡᅠLightweight,ᅡᅠVersatile.

Cons: Only bad thing is that the people in the room with you can hear the full music your listening to.
It’s is noise cancelling to where you don’t hear anything though.



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