Android app 50MB increased to 4GB

Android app 50MB increased to 4GB

Limits are meant to be broken, and Google goes ahead with this mantra by allowing Android apps to go beyond the 50MB mark. It does make sense after all, since we are talking about applications to be installed onto a smartphone device, and space is a premium unlike computers where we have hundreds of gigabytes and terabytes, even, to play around with. Needless to say, as the hardware aspect of smartphones make progress, so too, must the software keep up ¬タモ and there is no better way to showcase the graphical prowess of a device than through a high-quality 3D interactive games.

This does not mean the APK file will be 4GB in size, it will still have the 50MB limit so that secure on-device storage is retained, but developers are able to attach expansion files to the APK. Each app can have a couple of expansion files, with each one maxing out at 2GB regardless of the format of your choice. The Android Market will play host to those files in order to save you the hassle and cost of file serving.



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