Akash2- worlds cheapest android tablet

Akash2- worlds cheapest android tablet



Earlier October Aakash 2 will be launched.

On Tuesday, in his review Christopher Peri( Venture Beat) wrote i want this device in a leading blog tech blog.

Alice Troung closed her review of the device in Forbes magazine’s tech- World changing indeed.

Tuli didn’t arrange these pre-launch reviews. It was done by Vivek Wadhwa, an Indian American tech. entrepreneur & academic.

Wadhwa had get an instant fan of the device the time he first tried it.

It has the eventual of revolutionizing India.

He also said Indians have an inferiority complex about their capability to create anything of this std. and they would have completed off the device by trashing it.

So his tactics of making it trail by leading experts in the US. When the reviews were good, Indian reviewers & critics would appearance silly idiotic the other way.

So far The reviews have been prominent. And Wadhwa can have really saved the device from a premature decease. For now, the real provocation be ahead.

The government price WiFi version only 41USD, and will be vend to students at a subsidised 35USD.

SIM slot version UbiSlate, will be get commercially for around 63 USD. Already DataWind has been able to line up 3.5 million bookings.

Tuli said Really sharp people- IIT Bombay built Aakash 2- while Aakash 1 was made with IIT Rajasthan.

The current order-book is 100,000 units.

Tuli said, Finally, The Gove. schemes to purchase 5 million units, which could drive prices down to sub-20 USD levels.

Peri wrote -The world of cheap tablets is not coming, it’s here.

aakash2 specifications


Pricr: 1,960/- rupees/ 35 USD




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